Don't let the Corono virus get you down
If we gotta stay in; might as well have some fun.

 Don't be normal

Are you going to buy a pair of Weyeseyes 










What are these?

These are unique, handcrafted, real sunglasses with UV protection.
Each pair has a couple good sized holes so you can see through!
They dramatically change the way you look!
And the best part is, they make people laugh!

Hey, hey, hey, how about that? Time to have some fun!


Collect them all.!
Cleopatra Dopey Droopy Focus Foo Yu Freeky
Meowz Mezmer Skeletor Skeptic USA Blue USA Brown
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Quantity discounts available.....
2 for $20 use "weyes2" at checkout for $1.90 discount
3 for $28. use "weyes3" at checkout for $4.85 discount
4 for $36 use "weyes4" at checkout for $7.80 discount
order 10 and save $20....use weyes10 at checkout
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